West Texas.

For some — maybe the lucky ones — knowing what it is you want to do during your time on earth comes easy and early. For others, it is realized only when time remaining on the clock and circumstances suggest there is no other path.

When I was growing up…

The 85th Manchester, CT Road Race.

In New England, the Thanksgiving Road Race in Manchester, Connecticut is as much a part of the history of cross country running as the Boston Marathon.

This year, history was made again with a record setting time from the first woman to cross the line. A time so fast, it suggests on some future Thanksgiving morning, a woman may cross the line first.

Here is the story.

Plainfield, Connecticut.

In late October, about 1,000 attended a pro-Trump political rally in the eastern Connecticut town of Plainfield.

Ironically, it was called the “Rally for America,” but the sentiments of those in attendance were in fact intolerant and — in the end- anti-American.

Here is the story of that day.

Young reporters covering the mayor’s race in Boston.

Since at least the mid 1990s, when news organizations first began understanding that it was in their interest to at least have a website, even if they didn’t know exactly what to do with one, there have been those predicting the end of journalism.

The news from inside traditional newsrooms…

Mayor-elect Michelle Wu of Boston.

Boston made history on Election Day 2021 by choosing Michelle Wu as the first woman and first Asian American elected to the mayor’s office.

She came to Boston to attend Harvard and chose to stay. How she will lead is an open question, but her story does change the perception of Boston politics.

Here’s my report from the campaign trail.

With all the information coming your way all day long it would be understandable if the name Frances Haugen meant nothing to you. In October, she experienced full media immersion for about a week, but what looked like saturation coverage to some was completely missed by most. …

It was a day in early October. A Saturday afternoon around 3 o’clock.

The restaurant, perched on the end of a pier in Stonington, Connecticut was half-filled with people having a late lunch or a few drinks as they listened to a jazz quartet. The main room, which included both…

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Photojournalism for Brands and Ideas.

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